Veterinary Service of Kyrgyzstan received specialised equipment to improve its operations at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border

  • Thematic Component: General
  • Country: Kyrgyzstan

On 13 December, the EU-funded BOMCA 10 programme handed over specialised equipment to the Veterinary Service of Kyrgyzstan, under the Ministry of Agriculture, including 2 incinerators, which were installed at the checkpoints “Dostuk” in Osh region and “Kyzyl-Kiya” in Batken region.

These items will be used for the improving the quality of veterinary control, as well as preventing dissemination of any possible animal deceases at Kyrgyz-Uzbek borders. The set of equipment also includes automatic controls, generator, burners, grids etc.

The total value of the transferred equipment amounted to 52,387.00 EUR. These items were purchased by BOMCA 10 to further strengthen the operational capabilities of the veterinary control agency to address trade facilitation priorities, which in its turn supports the achievement of results under the BOMCA programme.