Uzbek Customs, Veterinary and Phytosanitary institutions enhance their e-learning capacities

  • Thematic Component: 3. Facilitation of Trade
  • Country: Uzbekistan

From September 13-15, the Border Management Programme in Central Asia held a workshop in Tashkent for the personnel of border agencies and training institutions.

This workshop aimed to increase the effectiveness of the training programmes of the Border Agencies of Uzbekistan by integrating e-learning solutions, based on the European Union Member States’ (EU MS) practices in the fields of introducing e-learning systems and developing the IT competence of teachers to create their own online courses.

Experts from State Border Guard College of Latvia introduced the advantages of e-learning in the educational process, as well as equipping participants with knowledge on design, development, implementation and the evaluation of an e-leaning module. This was supported with examples of the EU MS good practices in the implementation of e-learning systems and practical training on the use of e-learning platforms.

As part of the hands-on training, participants were taught to develop electronic modules/courses content and performed an assessment test in the Moodle platform using interactive resources/materials. As a result of the workshop, guidelines and recommendations will be elaborated by the expert team. These final results shall support national counterparts in development of e-learning modules/courses and scale up their institutional training capacities.