Training on European standards for Uzbekistan’s K-9 Units

  • Thematic Component: 2. Improvement of Detection Capacities
  • Country: Uzbekistan

On November 30 – December 2, 2021, in Tashkent, the Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA) held a National workshop for the Heads of K-9 Centers, experts responsible for the organisation of work of K-9 service and respective units, including training processes and methodological support. The workshop aimed at improving skills of employees and specialized organizations in detecting various types of smuggled goods, as well as to learn about the EU best practices in training and organizing the work of canine teams with a focus on the detection of weapons, explosives, ammunition, drugs, precursors and currency

In a result of completion of the workshop participants developed SOP covering the rules and procedures for the deployment of canine teams in the context of fighting cross-border crime with specific focus on detection of smuggling of arms, explosives, ammunition, drugs, and precursors.