Tajik MIA received specialised equipment to conduct operational and search activities related to the cross-border crimes

  • Thematic Component: General
  • Country: Tajikistan

The EU funded Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA 10) officially handed over equipment to the to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, accounting for a total value of EUR 9,840.

The beneficiary, being the Investigation Department of the Ministry, received 5 forensic suitcase, 3 laptops and 2 printers. The forensic suitcase is a unified set designed for transportation and storage of standard and special instruments and tools that are used to perform specific tasks: inspection of the scene of an incident during operational search activities and investigative actions by forensic experts; detection and recording of traces; seizure and packaging of material evidence; photographing the scene of the incident and completing documents and will be used by the employees of the Investigation units of the MIA of Tajikistan to conduct operational and search activities related to cross-border crimes.

These assets were purchased by BOMCA 10 to further strengthen the technical basis of the respective agency to address specific border management priorities, which in its turn supports the achievement of results under the BOMCA programme.