BOMCA 10 keeps enhancing modern teaching methodologies in Central Asian countries

  • Thematic Component: 1. Institutional Development of Border Control Agencies
  • Country: All region, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

On March 6, the Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA 10) held a regional online workshop on distance learning for instructors/trainers on the topic of “Modern teaching methodologies”.

The main objective of the workshop is to upgrade trainees' skills in planning, developing training materials, organising training sessions, and enhancing trainees' skills in teaching, based on modern training methodologies.

After completing this workshop, a trainee should know the basic training methodologies, be able to conduct distance learning lessons and have the skills to develop methodological training materials. In addition, participants have received relevant knowledge on learning environment and training tools.

With this objective, the representative of the Border Guard Academy of the National Security Committee of the Kazakhstan has delivered a training course on modern teaching methods to advance the professional skills of the Central Asian trainers, as well as the teaching staff of Central Asian border agencies in planning, developing educational and methodological materials, and organizing the learning process.

This activity is a part of the series of efforts to encourage and support cooperation platforms among the training institutions in Central Asia. In 2022 the Consortium of border guards and customs institutions agreed on the training plan for the region, including exchange of trainers, on-line and offline activities.