EU-funded programme keeps building capacity in the area of document security in Tajikistan

  • Thematic Component: 1. Institutional Development of Border Control Agencies
  • Country: Tajikistan

From February 13 to 16, BOMCA10, in partnership with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), held a national Training of Trainers (ToT) session on document security (basic level) in Tajikistan.

The training course aimed to enhance the capacity of trainers in the field of document authentication and develop ToT skills in the field of examination of travel documents. Upon completion of the training course, participants were provided with an in-depth training program and additional materials for subsequent knowledge transfer to their colleagues at training institutions, as well as staff working directly at the borders. Among other topics, participants of the ToT course were trained to prepare fraudulent travel document warnings (Alerts) to be disseminated through the national points of contact to national and international cooperation partners. It is expected that a regional network of document experts will be initiated to facilitate the exchange of information in the field of document security.

It is worth noting that this ToT is implemented under the framework of the Programme Component 1, “Institutional Development of Border Control Agencies”.