BOMCA strengthened leadership qualities and management skills of Tajik Border Troops

  • Thematic Component: 1. Institutional Development of Border Control Agencies
  • Country: Tajikistan

From 3 to 5 May, the EU-funded Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA 10) organized a training in Dushanbe on leadership and management for the managerial level staff of Border Troops of Tajikistan.

This activity aimed to train the personnel of units and subdivisions of the Border Troops to develop leadership qualities and management skills necessary for the effective organization of service activities.

Experts from Kazakhstan familiarized participants with the principles of diagnostics and development of managerial, socio-psychological and personal competences of the leader. Also, participants gained knowledge in the formation and development of skills in formulating and analysing various types of problems, learned about the main factors influencing the performance of the unit and the role of the leader in this process.

This training was organised in the framework of the Programme’s Component 1, “Institutional Development of Border Control Agencies”, and aims to further develop and strengthen the institutional capacities of border control agencies in Central Asian countries to achieve international standards and best practices in ensuring national, regional and global security.