Engagement of Central Asian NGOs in Cross-Border Cooperation

  • Thematic Component: 4. Improvement of Cross-Border Cooperation
  • Country: All region, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

On November 3, 2021 BOMCA Programme held an Information Meeting for representatives of Central Asian NGOs. Acknowledging an important role played today by NGOs in the area of migration, active participation of non-governmental actors shall positively contribute to the implementation of the overall objective of BOMCA 10 and in particular its Component 4 on Improvement of Cross-Border Cooperation.

Within the framework of the BOMCA 10 the Central Asian NGOs will have an opportunity to improve their capacities in project management circle and implement individual projects in the border areas of the Central Asian states.

Following the first information meeting, the interested representatives of NGOs matching the profile of the Programme will be invited to take part in the series of training and workshops on project management circle, planned in the begging of 2022.

The NGOs will have an opportunity to apply for the EU funding made available through the Programme for the implementation of their projects in border areas of the Central Asian states. The successful organisations will receive further training and project implementation support and advice.