BOMCA and OSCE organised a training on countering human trafficking using modern technologies in Kazakhstan

  • Thematic Component: 4. Improvement of Cross-Border Cooperation
  • Country: Kazakhstan

From May 28 to 30, in Almaty, in cooperation with the OSCE, BOMCA 10 organised a training session on countering trafficking in human beings, through applying modern digital tools by the Training Academy of the Ministry of the Interior of Kazakhstan. The training session was organised in the framework of the Programme’s Component 4, aimed at improvement of cross-border cooperation, with the focus on advancing human rights and support to vulnerable groups, such as victims of human trafficking, amongst other issues.

The joint activity was aimed at building the skills of the operatives in the application of modern technological approaches in identification and investigation of cases of human trafficking in Kazakhstan and identifying implications for border regions. Experts from Kazakhstan, the EU and ICMPD trained participants, covering such topics as existing Kazakh legislation in the area of human trafficking, pillars of analytical intelligence, data collection tools and analysis, especially when only fragmentary information is available, social media as a source of information, methods of operational-search activity in the era of digitalization, and systematised processing and maintenance of data collected online.

The newly acquired skills will be applied by the participants to conduct counter trafficking activities in the border regions in Kazakhstan, contributing to security and stability for people residing in the border areas.