BOMCA 10 held a seminar on the methodological development of the Fergana Valley migration study in Kyrgyzstan

  • Thematic Component: 4. Improvement of Cross-Border Cooperation
  • Country: Kyrgyzstan

From October 18 to 20, 2022, the Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA 10) held a seminar on the Methodological development of the Fergana Valley migration study for the Kyrgyz state agencies dealing with migration-related matters.

During this activity, the expert team and the beneficiaries developed a questionnaire that will be used to conduct household surveys and in-depth interviews in the Fergana Valley to assess the migration trends in the border areas. The seminar has also allowed the setting- up of the timeframe and alignment of the next steps for the implementation of the field work and further development of the study. Furthermore, the beneficiaries built up their methodological skills  to effectively organise research activities and develop related surveys.

The study on migration trends in the Fergana Valley is a key activity of the Action Plan on “Raising Awareness on Legal and Labour Migration in the Border Regions” implemented within  Component 4 of the BOMCA Programme in Kyrgyzstan.

The seminar was a follow-up activity to a Joint Roundtable held in Bishkek on 5 July 2022, which gathered Kyrgyz state partners and beneficiaries, as well as the leading research expert and the project implementation team, who reviewed and confirmed the roadmap for the implementation of the study.