Strengthening interagency cooperation for effective contingency planning

On October 16-18 in Bishkek workshop on contingency planning on border checkpoints was held, gathering representatives of different state agencies of Kyrgyzstan– Border and Customs Services, Ministry of Interior and State National Security Committee, Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry of Agriculture.

During theoretical sessions and practical exercise in working groups, BOMCA experts together with national counterparts reviewed existing framework consisting of the constitutional and legislative bases related to different kinds of emergency situations at the checkpoints and related operational framework, including organisational structure of the contingency planning and operational requirements. During the visit to Kyrgyz-Kazakh border checkpoint “Ak-Zhol”, capacity, resources and operational procedures of the checkpoint’ personnel were presented to participants. Based on the Latvian experience, an example of an advanced coordination mechanism, ensuring appropriate and effective cooperative response measures was presented to the participants.

During the seminar a draft of joint instructions on interagency operating procedures was created specifying roles, responsibilities and working methods during different emergency situations at the checkpoints, including also mass inflow of migrants.

The wider objective of this BOMCA activity is to assist in establishing/strengthening effective mechanisms to facilitate prompt exchange of information between institutions involved in border security.