Workshop on Prevention and Detection of Illegal Trafficking of Goods and Means of Transport

On May 14 -16 a three-day bilateral workshop was held in Kuryk sea port in Aktau, Kazakhstan aimed to improve the practical skills of customs authorities of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the area of prevention and detection of illegal trafficking of goods and means of transport. The event was organized in cooperation with United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and was facilitated by BOMCA experts from Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of Lithiania.

The customs and border guards of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan got familiar with the Lithuanian experience in assessing risk factors when selecting ships and containers for customs inspection. Participants learnt about the types of sea containers, methods of their verification and compliance with safety regulations during the inspection. Also, European experts shared experience on the "Rip-off" method of smuggling narcotic drugs in containers. During practical exercises typical places for caches in ships and containers were demonstrated.