Workshop on customs control of strategic goods in Ashgabat

On June 26th- 30th in Ashgabat, BOMCA expert team met with national partners from Turkmen customs to jointly review existing procedures on customs control of strategic goods, dual use goods, endangered species of fauna and flora (CITES Convention), protection of intellectual property rights and develop new working tools for combat illegal trade, fraud and etc. This BOMCA activity aimed to provide technical assistance in the development and improvement of the risk management systems in the Central Asian countries.

By reviewing and consolidating various existing national and international regulations, national and European experts exchanged experience and practices in such areas as customs control of import, export and transit of strategic and dual use goods, military weapons, chemical substances (ozone depleting substances, dangerous chemicals, etc.), non-food products, endangered species of fauna and flora, protection of intellectual property rights, customs control on radiation and international sanctions in relation to military weapons.