WCO recognition of Kazakh National University customs curricula

KazNU became the first university in Central Asia region holding the WCO's certificate on accreditation of its educational program "Customs Affair." With BOMCA methodological, financial and organizational support, the educational program Bachelor of Customs Affairs was recognized under the WCO PICARD Professional Standards.

In accordance with the Guidelines on WCO Recognition of University Customs Curricula and the processes set thereby, the WCO Secretariat established the Academic Assessment Group (AAG) and the Members Assessment Group (MAG) for the assessment. Both groups advised that the application met the requirements identified in the WCO Guidelines.

Earlier in 2017, a special technical mission was organized by BOMCA to evaluate the compatibility of the existing training curricula with World Customs Organization (WCO) professional standards and recommendations of the European Commission Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD). Mr. ldis Čevers and Mr. Aivars Gulbis, Associate Professors at the International Institute of Business and Customs of Riga Technical University visited Kazakh National University to evaluate the existing training curricula, methodology, and resources used in terms of the compatibility to the international standards. Experts made a detailed analysis of the Institute's existing training programme and examined it in terms of compliance with the standards. The list of requirements and package of documents to be submitted to the World Customs Organization was prepared.

The WCO certificate, confirming the International accreditation of the educational program "Customs Affair," is recognized by 180 member-countries, and increases the competitiveness of specialty's graduates.