National workshops on the methodology of identification and profiling of foreign terrorists fighters

On 21-23 February, in Ashgabat, and 26-28 February, in Tashkent, two workshops on the identification and profiling of foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) were conducted, building upon results of activities conducted in 2016, where border guards and law enforcement officers were trained on basic profiling and identification techniques. The workshops gathered European experts and professionals from the border and law enforcement agencies of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in order to improve and enhance existing mechanisms and strengthen the cooperation and interaction of the concerned agencies.

During the workshops, the experts exchanged their experience and best practices in the identification and profiling of FTF, identified the main indicators of FTF and elaborated recommendations for the enhancement of the methodology, as well as discussed further practical steps to be taken by national agencies in order to implement the recommendations of the UN Security Council in the field of countering violent extremism.

Overall, this BOMCA activity is aimed at strengthening national identification and profiling mechanisms of CA countries.