National workshop on E-learning took place in Kazakhstan

On March 18-20 in Kazakhstan workshop on E-learning methodology in training institutions of border guarding and customs institutions took place. The workshop, which was conducted in the premises of Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Center for Combating the Illicit Drug Trafficking (CARICC) , was facilitated by BOMCA expert team and gathered representatives of different training institutions of Kazakhstan forming and retraining border guards and customs officers .

During theoretical sessions and practical exercises in groups, trainees reviewed existing methodology of e-learning, studied in details its role and importance, features, forms and differences of e-learning. Using the example of MOODLE (learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a system to create personalised learning environments), trainees learned how to create user accounts, add resources, create lessons and evaluate students. European experts introduced European educational online programs, including standards, opportunities, information of challenges and potential solutions, present related tools, instruments and country examples. Based on workshop’s findings, the expert team will elaborate and share recommendation on further development of electronic educational programs of border guarding and customs training institutions in Kazakhstan

The wider objective of this BOMCA activity is to encourage and support cooperation, academic exchange among the customs and border guarding training institutions in Central Asia with EU MS counterparts.