Kyrgyz border guards attended webinar on detection of fraudulent documents

On June 19-20, 2019 a webinar was held for border guards of Kyrgyzstan on the identification of fraudulent documents. The webinar was attended by 15 trainers and students of the Center of Advanced Studies of the State Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Department of Border Activities of the Military Institute of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as representatives of the central office and regional offices, conducting in-depth check and verification of documents.

The webinar was held using distance learning system based on video communication donated within the framework of BOMCA program to Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic. Webinar Lecturer - Gunta Laganovska, Head of the Expertise Department of the State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia.

The latest production technologies and personalization of security documents were presented to webinar participants together with advanced ways to verify the authenticity of security features and elements in travel documents.