Food Security Committee of Tajikistan is supported in drafting its Development strategy

Taking into the account that proper agency strategy is one of the most important preconditions for progress and sustainability, a technical assistance mission was held in Dushanbe on January 21-24, which main goal was to assist the Food Security Committee of Tajikistan to develop the strategic development plan for its Department on the State Border and Transport.

While bilateral and multilateral meetings with management and operational staff of the Food Security Committee of Tajikistan and its Department on the State Border and Transport (further – Department) and site visits, BOMCA experts reviewed the state of play in the Department. Special attention was given to legislation and regulations determining the functions and responsibilities of the Department; review of organizational structure of the Department; personnel management and available resources (personnel policy, job descriptions, duties and responsibilities of the inspectors, trainings, infrastructure, equipment and tools); regulations and control procedures; internal control system and code of ethics. Also, the order exchange of information and cooperation with other agencies and departments was reviewed. This was be the first part of the experts' mission to Tajikistan. Second part is scheduled for beginning of March 2020 where experts will report their findings and proposals.

Based on the findings of the mission and exchange of experience, the expert team will support Tajik partners in drafting of the Development Strategy.