Exchanging experience in K9 management

On March 13 -15 March, 2018 Bishkek hosted multilateral workshop for dog handling specialists. Managers of K-9 departments of respective border, customs and counter-narcotics agencies from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan gathered together in order to exchange experience and discuss perspectives of development and modernization of K-9 functioning in their countries. 

During the excursion in the Kyrgyz Customs K-9 training center, participants were familiarized with its facilities, educational infrastructure and training methodology. Kyrgyz side presented its experience in dog training and selection. Experts from the K-9 Department of the Latvian Border Guard College introduced their approach in developing and maintaining a long-term, efficient and high-quality Canine Service. Particular attention was paid to innovative methods of education and training of service dogs and the creation of an enabling environment for the professional development of dog handlers.

During the training course, participants also acquired knowledge on modern standards for service dog-training based on scientific foundations, underlying principles and new methods of training service dogs, as well as their application through practical exercises. The practical exercises were designed to enhance participants’ understanding of the role, capacities, and skills of service dogs in the process of detecting explosives, firearms, and drugs and, more broadly, in fighting terrorism and organised crime.

Besides skills improvement, the workshop gave to its participant’s possibility to discuss systems of K9 management and functioning in their countries and possible ways of enhancement of regional and international cooperation in this area.