Country-based risk analysis planning as the next stage towards border security

On March 28th-30th in Bishkek and April 2nd-4th in Astana, experts met with main border management actors and facilitated the development of a country risk analysis report, where the main risks for border security are stated and measures for their prevention and elimination are listed.  This activity built upon the guidelines on interagency cooperation, which were developed in both countries previously.

The aim of this BOMCA activity was to strengthen inter-agency cooperation which would allow border management actors to coordinate their work more effectively; increasing the success rate of border checks, while facilitating the legitimate flow of goods and people across the borders, and adding significant value to the process of risk analysis.

During 3 days of joint work with analysts from the Border and Customs Services, Ministries of Internal Affairs and State Security Committees, the expert team developed several principles of practical joint risk analysis between and within the agencies. Based on the agencies’ provided statistical data (nature and statistics of flow of persons, vehicles and goods across the border and number of violations for 2017), conclusions and a prognosis were made regarding further trends, risk levels and the availability of resources needed in 2018.