Central Asian border agencies are reinforcing ethical standards and anti-corruption measures

On February 12-14, 2019, a group of European experts visited Dushanbe to hold a multilateral workshop for border agencies of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on law enforcement ethics and the fight against corruption.

The expert team composed of international and national experts looked at how the agencies can put in place a comprehensive, balanced and tailored package of measures. They explored the range of instruments available to instil a culture of integrity, deter and detect unethical behaviour, take corrective action and build public trust: ethical codes, risk-based strategies, laws and regulations, anti-corruption agencies, ethics training, disclosure of income, assets and interests, administrative simplification, control and audit, whistleblowing, investigation, prosecution, and sanctions.

This BOMCA activity is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the border management system in Central Asia by introducing anti-corruption measures in accordance with international law enforcement standards and norms.