Assisting governments of Kyrgyzstan in improving IBM related strategies and actions

On June 4-8, 2018 a group of experts from the State Border Guard of Latvia, State Revenue Service of Latvia, and Ministry of Interior of Hungary gathered with the representatives of the Kyrgyz Border management. The meeting is initiated on request of the Kyrgyz counterparts to benefit from the EU experiences and expertise in re-design and actualising the IBM Action Plan until 2023.  This activity corresponds to the specific objective of the programme to sustain institutional development in the transition to more effective and efficient methods of border management, building upon good practices of the IBM paradigm.

The expert team, together with national experts from agencies –main IBM actors (Border and Customs services, Ministry of Agriculture and State Phyto-Veto inspection, State Registration Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Transport) reviewed the IBM strategy itself and its current Action Plan and developed a new structure of the documents, based on which an outline of the Plan was drafted. The new Plan clearly outlines the short term and mid-term task for the actors of the IBM Strategy  

As the next step, upon review of the draft plan by each involved agency, it will be presented to the Inter-agency Commission on IBM Strategy Implementation for approval.