On 21 January 2016, the State Border Guard of Latvia conducted a BOMCA informational meeting for stakeholders. The event gathered representatives from embassies of the Central Asian countries accredited in Latvia, members of the BOMCA Consortium – the Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, Riga Technical University, the Food and Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia – and representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Lithuania, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia and the Representation of the European Commission in Latvia. 

This was the first event of its kind conducted in the current phase of BOMCA and provided an opportunity to update beneficiaries and stakeholders not based in the CA region on the programme’s objectives and achievements, as well as to present the plan for further actions.

The meeting was the next step in cooperation and partnership and laid a strong basis for further joint actions – exchange of opinions, evaluation of achievements and planning. All participants at the meeting highly appreciated the possibility of enhancing partnership and information exchange on the progress and future plans and expressed strong confidence in BOMCA’s potential and its strategic approach.