Regional workshop on EU standards on identification, detention and return of irregular migrants was held in Tashkent on April 16-18, 2019 organized by BOMCA in cooperation with International Organization for Migration (IOM). The event was formatted as a mixture of a workshop and round-table discussions between the international experts on the one hand, and CA countries national experts working on the issue of identification, detention and return of irregular migrants, on the other hand.

Main goal of the event was to introduce the best international and European practices of detention, accommodation and return of irregular migrants. CA participants reported on national procedures in the area of return, detention and readmission, European experts in their turn introduced international and European standards and approaches. Special attention was paid to cooperation between institutions in the fight against irregular migration at the state border and within the country, as well as to standards of detention procedure. Practical examples of identification of migrants with irregular status, including vulnerable groups were discussed and analyzed.

Based on discussions and exchange of views with the national experts, the EU experts will develop recommendations to align specific pieces of the national legislation with international best practices.