Technical assistance missions on joint risk analysis for border agencies continue in 2018. 

An–expert team visited Astana, Kazakhstan on January 23-25 and conducted a series of individual meetings and workshops gathering representatives of border management agencies – Customs, Border service, phyto-sanitary, and veterinary agencies. The aim of this BOMCA activity is to elaborate joint Risk Analysis guidelines on inter-agency cooperation, which would allow border management actors to coordinate their work more effectively, increasing the success rate of border checks while facilitating the legitimate flow of goods and people across the borders and add a significant value to the process of risk analysis.

During the meetings and workshops with the national partners, the current status of risk analysis in the country, current practices of interaction among various agencies and joint work on border security joint risk analysis, existing ways of information exchange and interagency agreements were analysed.

As a result of the technical mission, practical guidelines on joint risk analysis for border management agencies will be elaborated – a tool that will contribute to a greater coherence of the relevant agencies in the area of risk management.