While the main focus of the BOMCA programme is ‘soft’ components, strengthening professional skills and expertise in the relevant areas, technical support in the form of equipment is also provided to each CA country. The handover of equipment in the region started in Uzbekistan. The State Security Committee received a Regula video spectral comparator.

The new reader is able to analyse encoded information embedded in passport documents, conduct automated verification of the document, and examine the materials used in the document’s production (to determine the quality and types of printing, special paints and other protective elements used). The uniqueness of the Regula video spectral comparator lies in its integrated chip reader. The device provides a high-quality digital image and the ability to process, save and archive images. On 20-21 November 2017, the representatives of the Regula Company conducted training on operational and functional capabilities and maintenance issues.

Provision of this piece of technical equipment is supported by strengthening of the relevant skills. Since 2015, BOMCA has conducted two national and two regional Trainings of Trainers on Document Security, thus strengthening the skills of the national training experts in identification of forged and falsified documents.

Procurement of the same piece of equipment for the other four countries in the region is ongoing and should be completed in spring 2018, with handover ceremonies taking place at the respective agencies in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.