During the last meeting of the Consortium of Educational Institutions of Border and Customs Agencies, which was held in Bishkek in February 2017, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan agreed to exchange trainers from their customs training institutions. The first training of this kind was held in Dushanbe between 29 May-1 June, where trainers from the customs training institutions of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan facilitated training of trainers for their Tajik colleagues on the issues of radiation control and dual-use goods. The aim of this BOMCA activity is to encourage and support cooperation among the training institutions in Central Asia.

The training gathered 15 teachers and instructors from the Tajik customs training center, who in turn will later teach Tajik customs officers how to carry out radiation control and prevent illegal movement of radiation materials. During the training experts presented a number of recommendations for trainers, examples of practical exercises and games, scenarios and tools that can be used in further trainings for employees. Thus, trained trainers will be able to train customs officers from Tajikistan in skills on using special equipment, and operational skills when checking cargo at different checkpoints - airports, railway stations and border crossing points.

This pilot initiative was much appreciated by the beneficiaries and BOMCA is planning to further continue it in other countries in the region.