In mid-February 2017, a BOMCA expert team visited Turkmenistan in order to discuss e-customs development in Turkmenistan.  

European experts provided detailed information and explanations on the international developments within Europe, including opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions in the area of cross-border e-commerce and Digital Customs, and presented related tools and instruments, country examples, case studies, as well as future envisaged work in this domain. 

National partners too shared their perspective, in particular on how they were adapting to the growing e-commerce environment and respective practical experiences/best practices relating to the implementation various ICT solutions. 

The workshops were very well received by the participants and raised a lot of interest. Participants acquired an enhanced understanding of issues relating to cross-border commerce and Digital Customs, as well as relevant instruments and tools in terms of their effective and harmonized implementation at the national/regional level. 

This BOMCA activity aims at introducing measures improving the efficiency of controls and procedures applicable to goods and means of transport crossing the borders and thus facilitating regional and international trade.