A national workshop on terrorist identification and profiling was held in Bishkek between 14-16 March, gathering professionals from the State Security Service, the Ministry of Interior and the Border Service dealing with identification and profiling issues.

The main objectives of the workshop were to improve the understanding of criminal and terrorist behaviour, seek ways to improve the methodology of identification and profiling, improve data collection and analysis skills, seek new insights, and share knowledge and methods to cope with threats.

National and European experts shared their knowledge and experience on profiling passengers, with special emphasis on identification of foreign terrorist fighters. This included a detailed overview of a set of psychological, socio-economic, and physical and/or racial attributes that fighters may exhibit. The features that make up a terrorist profile and tendencies that indicate terrorism were analysed and a list of terrorist indicators was amended.

The main goal of this event was to strengthen both identification and profiling mechanisms in Kyrgyzstan and cooperation and interaction among the agencies involved.