From 14-16 March BOMCA-invited training experts conducted a national workshop on human resources management and financial planning and control for relevant national experts from the customs, border and phytosanitary agencies of Turkmenistan. The EU expert team consisting of senior management representatives from the State Revenue Service and the State Border Service of Latvia brought their knowledge and expertise to share with Turkmen partners.

The workshop aimed to provide information exchange on management of human resources, and financial planning and control in compliance with international standards and replicating EU models and good practices. It provided an opportunity to comprehensively evaluate the existing system of human resources management and financial management and control, share opinions and professional experiences and define training needs for possible further on-the-job trainings.

During the workshop the national experts shared their experiences and current practices in HR and financial management. At the same time they were introduced to the EU MS practices in areas of intra-service management such as development of fiscal discipline, budget planning and control, procurement systems, remuneration and social benefits. The benefits of the workshop were recognised by Turkmen experts in terms of improvement of efficiency of human resources and finance management, which constitutes the core of the effective functioning of the entire agency.

After conducting a series of such workshops in Central Asian countries and identifying concrete areas which could be further strengthened at the multilateral level, a study tour to an EU MS and on-the-job trainings will be organised for mid- and senior-level management staff from border and customs agencies of CA countries.