Between 3-10 March the International Donor Coordination meetings took place in Astana and Bishkek with the main purpose being to get a better understanding of donor interventions in border management area in these countries and align those interventions with the countries’ specific and strategic needs. The meeting presented another opportunity to exchange information between donors, government beneficiaries and other stakeholders involved in border management and initiate proposals for effective coordination mechanisms. 

The meetings were focused on the activities and achievements of the BOMCA programme in 2016 and plans for 2017. The representatives of the international and donor organisations -the EU, OSCE, UNDP and UNHCR - participating at the meetings presented ongoing activities and planned projects from their side. In turn their governmental counterparts provided the guests with their input on the national priorities in the border management sector and underlined the importance of donor support and involvement.

“We support joint efforts made by the international donor organisations and the Kyrgyz Government, therefore, we recognise that effective coordination leads to more efficient results. Last year, after we held the first extended meeting with representatives from donor organisations we moved into a new, proactive phase of collaboration. Implemented projects and measures undertaken by international donors are efficient and fruitful”, said Col. Nurbek Sultanaliev, Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Kyrgyz Border Service. 

Both events were useful in terms of maximising the development impact of donor-supported programmes through their better alignment with country programmes and strengthened donor coordination. The meetings also provided an opportunity for government beneficiaries to clarify their needs and promote new project ideas for donor support.