BOMCA is introducing a new effective learning tool that could be used in education and retraining – distance learning system. For this purpose BOMCA technical experts visited Kyrgyzstan and presented the system, its capabilities and advantages to national partners – State Border Service and Military Armed Forces Institute.  

The experts met the management and IT staff of Border Service and Military institute, visited Border Service Training Centres in Osh and Novopokrovka, tested internet capacities and assessed technical needs, explored different technical solutions for implementation and tested the equipment available.  A joint decision was taken to connect the system to the central office of the Border Service, Training centre of the Border Service and Military Armed Forces Institute. Among the technical part, Kyrgyz authorities gave their recommendations on the distance training curricula. First pilot distance lecture is planned for June 2017, Border college in Rezekne, Latvia will deliver a lecture to Kyrgyz trainees.

Videoconferencing and lessons via video will provide students and teachers with an immersive, innovative learning experience that combines high-definition video and audio tools - officers and teachers will be able to connect to students in live regime without physically attending the classroom. The system will allow Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, its Training Center in Osh and Military Institute to connect among each other and also to  receive guest videolectures from abroad.  

This BOMCA activity aims to encourage and support cooperation and academic exchange among the customs and border guard training institutions in Central Asia with their EU MS counterparts.